A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a repost from the 2015 Indie Game Making Contest submission.


Original Blurb

The world spins as you come to. As your eyes adjust to the darkness of your environment, you find your hat. Donning your trusty headpiece, you realize that there's only one explanation...Smoke, the Magician of Mirrors, must have thrown you into his basement! The twisted fellow loves to watch mages like yourself stumble through his maze-like basement. To make matters worse, the basement is littered with illusions of Smoke, known and Mirrors, which will blast anything which does not wear a top hat! Can you make it out in one piece?


  • WASD: Move
  • Numpad 1/2/3: Use spells 1, 2, and 3, respectively.
  • Numpad +: Start preparing a spell.
  • Numpad Enter: Finish answer.
  • Numpad Del (usually the dot): Erase previous digit.

Postmortem Notes

This is one of my first projects. Haha, I remember throwing together the levels within a few days of the contest. I wasted so much of my time trying to add all sorts of fancy features that I didn't think to start on them sooner.

Credits (aside from myself)

  • Frogatto Team (DDR, Jetrel, Vultraz, and others):
    For allowing me to use their fonts, dialog boxes, and some of their underlying scripts from their game. Also, these guys made the engine, and were very patient with all of my questions.
  • Halcyonic Falconx: The rad guy who made some music and gave it away in the The Open Game Art Bundle. This game uses four of his songs. (Note: The website which had the bundle has expired. You may still be able to salvage some of the stuff from this forum thread.)
  • And my many testers. Thank you all for your valuable feedback.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Aug 07, 2015
Tags2D, Math
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


mathmag.009win.zip 36 MB
mathmag.009mac.zip 48 MB
mathmag.009linux.tar.gz 35 MB


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I am getting failed virus detected error on chrome while downloading this game. I am not able to install it on my windows system.

That's... kinda weird. It is made using Anura, which isn't nearly as well known as Unity or Unreal... so I could see Chrome or Windows complain about it.

Not really a whole lot I can do about it. At this point, the engine version is really outdated, so the devs can't really fix the issue themselves. Upgrading probably would mean rebuilding the project... and this one is pretty poorly written. That'd be a bit of a nightmare to do.

Long story short, not a whole lot I can do to help. S-sorry... One day I want to rebuild the game from scratch, but that's not happening any time soon.

I'm also getting this failed virus detected error again and again, while downloading others games and application in my windows 10. 

Which Antivirus you are using.

i'm using McAfee Internet Security.

First you have to disable the McAfee internet security. Open McAfee internet security antivirus . Click Virus and Spyware Protection on the its main window. Click the option  “Real-Time Scanning,” then turn it off. If it is not working then turn off permanently, and try out windows defender. It also has the option of setting an exceptions on scanning the downloaded files. You can also refer to the detailed solutions on how to fix failed virus detected error on chrome. Follow all the steps in sequence in order to apply the solution, but also take care of preventing your computer from actual viruses.